Ehd e Wafa Second Episode

Ehd e Wafa Second Episode were telecast last night on PTV Home at 8:00 P.M.  The second episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was just as entertaining and lively as the first one but it ended too soon. This episode too focused on the adventures of the SSG boys with Saad and Shahzain taking the lead. It is truly refreshing to finally watch a play which is going to cover the journey of a group of young people. The reckless attitude of these boys makes me look forward to this journey even more. Ahad Raza Mir’s performance tonight was phenomenal, he owns his role completely. Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali didn’t have a lot of dialogues tonight either although they are just as actively involved in the group’s activity as the other two boys. Shahzain has been getting more screen time than all the other boys and I feel this could have easily been avoided. Having said that, all the boys have a definite screen presence and their performances have been on point.

Once again all the scenes tonight showed how the boys were completely focused on having a good time without giving a lot of consideration to the consequences. The quirkiness of the boys coupled with quite a few dialogues which were absolutely hilarious made this episode a good watch. This episode was also directed brilliantly throughout; the scene covering SSG’s meeting with the headmaster was my favorite since it was executed so well. The energy, enthusiasm and naivety of the young age has been translated faultlessly on screen by all the actors. Shahzain is more sure about himself and his plans than anyone else, he is the leader who isn’t the best student but he has tons of confidence, a trait which is more conspicuous than any other.

Enjoyable and Light-Hearted

Tonight’s episode opened with Raani telling her mother her ‘tragic’ story which was packed with lies! Raani is the female version of Shahzain, her confidence gets her in to trouble but that doesn’t stop her from trying to be in control of things, continuously. Zara Noor Abbas has given this character the right treatment which makes her scenes thoroughly entertaining. She has definitely breathed life in to this character in the best way possible. This scene was followed by the assembly scene in which the boys thought they were going to get a beating and were fully prepared to deal with the situation. Khurshid ended up getting the beating and I must say that I felt for him. This was another scene which showed the ‘worries’ and concerns of student life especially when you are a student who is constantly putting himself in danger. All these situations reflected just that which made these scenes enjoyable.

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